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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>>heather: good morning, it is friday, september 7. thanks forgetting up with us and watching "fox and friends first." president obama making it official. >> madam chairwoman, delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> he wasted no time pleading
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with americans for patience and four more years to turn things around. did he make his case? peter doocy is live for us in washington. good morning, peter. what do you think? >>peter: in the speech, he said he is no longer just a candidate. he's the president. he said that times have changed since he first spoke to the democratic national convention back in 2004 when he was still running for senate in illinois. he also shaft night spent time rewinding even further summarizing how he thinks republicans in washington, dc, have done business, for three decades. >> all they had to offer is the same prescriptions they have had for the last 30 years. have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit too high? try another one. feel a cold coming on? take two tax cuts, rollback regulations and call us in the morning. >> the president said his path,
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the alternate to the president path, will not be easy. he said he was elected to tell the truth. the truth is it will take more than a few years to solve challenges that built up over decades but things are not so bad they cannot be fixed. >> our problems, america, can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder but it leads to a better place. i'm asking you to choose that future. >> before the president spoke, we heard from vice president biden who said that republicans are betting against the american people. >> you never quit on america. you deserve a president would will never quit on you. one more thing: our republican opponents are dead wrong about: america is not in decline.
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>> mitt romney responded to the president saying, tonight, president obama laid out a close in this election making the case for more of the same policies that haven't worked for the past four years. he offered more promises but he has not depth the -- kept the promises he made four years ago. the rhetoric is sharp but it could pivot to a new number due out in 3 1/2 hours, the unemployment rate for the month of august. >>heather: thank you, peter. time now for a look at who is talking and a lot of reaction to president obama's speech. >>heather: charles on his analysis of the president's speech. i was stunned. this is a man who gave one of the great speeches of our time in 2004. he gave one of the emptiest speeches i have ever heard on a
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national stage. yes, it had cadence. yes, there were exceptions. but is not what is so striking. there is nothing in it. this is a man who believes government can and should do a lot. there is nothing that tells us how he will go from together to together for the goals and what government will do. what will he enact? at least romney had a five-point plan. what we heard from obama was a vision. he pulled numbers out of a hat, 100,000 new math and science teachers. he has 600,000 more people working in natural gas. he has two million more trainees. he doesn't say how we get from (a) to (b). it's a vision. i have a vision of mechanic with in disease and everyone has a private airplane but until i tell you how we get there, i have saiding in. what is so surprising is that all he had left, he clearly
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cannot speak about his record on the economy, it is not good. he did not even speak about his achievements that the liberals like. obamacare, stimulus, et cetera -- they are unpopular. so he could talk about the fruit what he will do. there is nothing there. >>heather: juan williams talking about the president's speech acknowledging that the president did not lay out specifics on how he would achieve the goals. williams said, however, that is not what last night was about. >>juan: in terms of the content, the attitude that he brought and he quoted scripture, because of you, there is scripture filled with hope. that had a power to the help help. i think it is a very good question. the question in my mind, going forward, what chris wallace picked up on, people said, exactly how would you accomplish some of the goals. but it doesn't feel, look at audience and feeling the energy,
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it doesn't feel that is what this night was about. it is about a president would has and does not look like he is feeling anxiety. >>heather: karl rove also talking this morning but not about what was in the president's speech, rather, what was actually not in the president's speech. calling the president out for ignoring three parts of his first term: stimulus and obamacare. >> we saw it in the film but the president never mentioned the word "stimulus," which was the big domestic accomplishment designed to jump start the economy. again, while it was mentioned in the film, he himself never said the words "obamacare" or afford able care. the first has been considered by most as a failure. a number of polls show two out of three americans believe that
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his economic policies have either not helped the economy or have actually hurt our economic progress. we have 2.2 percent growth since the recession ended in june of 2009, the old anemic recovery since world war ii. we have high unemployment as a result. we have family incomes, the median family income has dropped over $4,000, the first time it has happened in a recession. he glossed over that by not mentioning stimulus. obamacare, of course, is highly unpopular, and he did not mention that. it is tell that someone said, a last people will be watching, we will put knit a film who will be seen by people watching cable tv but do not put it in the prime time seen by a broader number of people. >>heather: our brew on this question of the day, did president obama make his case if four more years in office? you can send us your comments by tweeting them or by shooting us
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an e-mail. we will read them later in the show. >>heather: time, now, for the top stories making news at this hour. a few hours from now the labor department will reveal just how many jobs were created last in. will economists are predicting a rise of 140,000 jobs, fewer than in the month of july. the unemployment rate last month was 8.3 percent. that is 42 months with the unemployment rate over 8 percent. >> the dnc changing their platform after wide-spread criticism for not stating that jerusalem is the capital of israel. however, the state department is refusing to say it is the capital. the state department says that the status of jerusalem is an issue that should be resolved in final status negotiations between israelis and palestinians. mitt romney says that anything suggestion jerusalem is not the capital is shameful. >> are members of president obama's job council creating
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outsourcing? are they outsourcing their jobs to china in import records from the commerce department show that companies that are affiliated with the president's job council imported more than 12,000 shipments from china since january of 2011. the shipments include bulk steel, neuron are you it and airline parts. by choice or by force, the u.s. military judge ruling that suspect in the ft. hood massacre must be clean shaven before his murder trial. the defense claims that his beard is because of his muslim faith but the judge said that there is no evidence that is, in fact, true. his lawyers say they will appeal, meaning another delay in the case. >> and a cardinal closing out the democratic national convention last night with a special blessing for life. that is a reminder of how the democrats and the catholic church disagree on the key issue of abortion and contraception. >> we praise you for the get of
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life, grant us the courage to defend it, life without which no other rights are secure. we ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected. >>heather: he delivered a similar benediction last week at the republican national convention. the catholic church strongly opposes president obama's health care provision that would require institutions to provide employees with contraception. that is "five at five." >>heather: time for the first weather update with janice dean. charlotte, north carolina did notnd up with severe weather for the final night of the democratic national convention. >> little bit of rain. so maybe it is a good idea they had things indoors. there is that chance, and one strike of lightning is scary. as a weather opinion and a, month, i think they did the right thing.
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we have the potential for severe weather because we have a significant cold front slicing through the midwest and the mid-south today and through the weekend moving across the east coast so temperatures will drop ten or even 20 degrees in 24 hours. this is the region where we could see the potential for severe weather from lower michigan down through the mid-south, certainly large hail and damaging wind and isolating tornadoes so the big cities need to keep an eye to the sky and you can see the cold front on the temperature map: 72 in chicago and 68 in minneapolis. right there, you can see we have the cooler and dry air moving in, and the taste of fall is coming this weekend for a lot of folks. >> that would be nice, a taste of fall after the hot summer. >>heather: thank you, janice. not exactly the reassuring news you want to hear if you are headed to the airport. t.s.a. officials let a man threw
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would had no business being there. talk about needing a dose of efficiency, there is a new report out that reveals hour our health care system has a bad case of wasteful spending. >> look at leno from last night as we head to break. >> bill clinton said that obama inherit add deeply damaged economy. if he is re-elected he will inherit an even more deeply damaged economy.
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>>heather: welcome back, here is what you missed while you were sleeping. a third person has died from the virus from cabins at yosemite national park. the person visited the park in june. five others have been sickened.
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22,000 visitors have may have been exposed. and texas has the need if speed approving 85 mile per hour speed limit on a 41 miles per hour long stretch of highway between austin and san antonio. that, by the way, makes it the highest speed limit in the country. officials hope that this will help ease congestion. >>heather: there has to be a country song on that. >> those are stories you can bank on: stocks soaring to levels not seen in years and years. peter explained why as lauren talks about that. >> blast off. the stock market shot up 2 percent to the highest close in more than four years. the catalyst was a confirmation bit president of the european central bank to do whatever it makes to preserve the euro. and hope at home, that our job market is mending, 201,000
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private sector jobs were created. government is now weighing in with its tally in three hours. we will see if the optimism is warranted. >>heather: we need to create in the area of 300,000 just to get back to where we were before the recession. a new poll says 46 percent of people believe that their pay will remain the same next year and that is up significantly from the year before. >> we find that 46 percent think the pay will be the same and next year there are some people that are more optimistic, 40 percent of people polled thing they will make more money next year so we see a little bit of optimism. >> not much optimum. now, super bowl ads, they have told, almost sold out. >> no economic slow down for the super bowl. cbs, home to next year's february 3rd game, can bring in $225 million by selling 60, 30-second ads going for $3.8
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million each, a record high. so far, 90 percent of the pricey ads are sold out. we will see more ads from kia, pepsi, and >>heather: now 18 minutes after the hour and hours away from the latest jobs report. we will take a review of that data that is coming out. for those still searching for a job, cheryl is here with companies that are hiring today. also, a health alert to bring you this morning. the routine checks to prevent breast cancer may actually help spark the disease.
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>>heather: good morning. hurricane isaac churning up oil in the gulf of mexico from the been oil spill. tarballs that wash ashore on two louisiana beaches have now been tested and those match the oil spill in 2011. b.p. says they are work dog clean that up. a major security breach at new york city's john f. kennedy airport. cops say a man set off alarms by setting an off limits area to smoke a cigarette. the alarm he should have set up was during the security screening. the t.s.a. let him through although the boarding pass was if a flight scheduled the next day. ladies? >> little bit a mistake there. >> the jobs report for august due out in just over he hours from new, the data expected to give president obama either a post conviction best or drop. here to give us a preview is the
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fox business network. read the tea leaves. what do you think? >>guest: this is a crucial jobs report today. we have three hours until we find out about the jobs picket in this country. this is a report that will affect the election, it will affect what the federal reserve does or does not do next week when they meet. everything is based, really, on the numbers. here are the estimates: 125,000 jobs, 8.3 percent unemployment. that is the same. this is the estimate. we got a crazy report yesterday about private sector job growth and it was a huge shock to the upside where 200,000, all economists got it wrong. so, that was actually a good report. now, is that record a look at. ♪ we do not know. it will be fascinating. government jobs will go away, we are sure of that. the private-sector jobs, that is the question. >> the next monthly jobs report,
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which will be for november, does not come out this will four days before the election. so this will be the one that determines what happens. >>guest: this will determine whether the fed will do anything to help the economy. they have been printed money, buying bonds. will they continue that? they have to go over the jobs data. they have monetary policy and an unemployment mandate. they have to address the jobs situation. >>heather: you are addressing the jobs situation. you have two companies that are hiring. >>guest: a couple of companies to share with everyone. the first is a cleaning systems company, a cleaning franchise company that is very much into reaching out to military veterans. they have 2,300 locations across the united states and looking to hire 100 military veterans, 200 jobs overall. you can make anything from minimum wage up to $50,000 a year and they have benefits. you work for the company themselves or you can actually open a franchise. they are encourage military
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veterans to look at that opportunity because a veteran can be good at that. >> value-based educational child care system? >> children's lighthouse looking for 400 people. it is private schooling. they have, again, entrepreneurs type, and you can franchise this. they are looking to hire people over the next 12 mores. orlando, new jersey, houston, and san antonio, texas, are the main cities. >> looking for jobs, two companies hiring right now. thank you, cheryl. you can find out where the jobs are, long on to and now a man mentioned how much
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bain capital ruined a company how he worked for but this is one thing he forget to talk about. and now back in 1921, the first "miss america pageant," was held in atlantic city, new jersey. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence
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>> listen closely the next 20 to 55 minutes. i want to be clear. no president, fault me, nor any president before me, no one, no one could have repaired all the damage president obama inherited i probably could have done it. rgot the finger wagging. >> welcome back to "fox and friends first." hope you are off to a nice day. it is bright and early at 5:30. it is official at the democratic national convention. >> madam chairwoman, delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> but the president now admitting that voters need to give him four more years to get the country back on the right
2:31 am
track. and now, live for us in charlotte, with more on the happenings last night. doug? >>doug: the president energized the party, no question about that. he heads out on a big swing state tour as new unemployment numbers may shake up the race. the president, the vice president, and their families, all appeared on stage, together, at convention as it wrapped up after formally accepting the nomination for the second term and offered a series of attacks on challenger, mitt romney. >> they want want to take us back to a blustering time in america that cost so dearly do you not call russia our number one enemy, not al qaeda, russia, unless you are still stuck in a cold war mind warp. you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without
2:32 am
insulting our closest ally. >> republicans later accuse him of leaving out any specific plans but the president, also, spoke last night with inside information shortly before the speech it is believed he was briefed on the unemployment numbers coming out later this morning and that may have helped him calibrate the message on the economy. i will not pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never is. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> the vice president, joe biden, backed up the imagine after accepting his nomination, promising that better days are ahead. >> the cause of change is not fully accomplished but we are on
2:33 am
our way. so i say to you tonight, with absolute confidence, america's best days are ahead. yes, we are on our way. >> the romney campaign had a quick response to the president's speech last night. here is what they said: "he offered more promises but he hasn't kept the promises he made four years ago, americans will hold president obama accountable for his record, they know they are not better off. it's time to change direction." now, later today both mitt romney and president obama will hit two of the same swing states -- iowa and new hampshire of the back to you in new york. >>heather: thank you, doug, from charlotte, north carolina. sticking with that team, fox news analyst karl rove weighed in on how the speech played to independent voters. listen to what he had to say. >> i don't think he got it done for them. the arena was on fire, fired up
2:34 am
and ready to go. look, everyone would walked in to the arena was passionate about president obama. everyone left passionate about him but the average american will it is there and say, wait, wait, wait a minute, you told us all of this stuff would happen and it didn't and now you telling me you need four more years before you can show progress? >>heather: now to charlotte. joining us from real clear politics is our guest. give us your analysis of how this is playing, how the speech played with independent voters? >>guest: the president earlier this week, gave himself a grade of incomplete can he has said before. his speech last night was kind of to say, you know, trust me, i'm a proven battle-tested candidate. trust me to get this done. i need a couple more years, four more years to do that. >>heather: does that message resonate that the president need
2:35 am
s to grab to get re-elected? >>guest: it is not clear. he did throw partisan jabs at mitt romney. but independents are thinking about jobs. we will see those numbers come out later today, later this morning. it is not yet clear if independents are saying we can wait four more years or however long it takes to get the economy going. >>heather: all the polling shows that jobs and the economy are the number one issues for voters. both candidates lacks specificity giving information about what they would do to bring in more jobs. how do you think this will play with the american public in did either party win on this? >>guest: well, right, obama tried to offer some specifics but he did not offer any policies we had not heard before, he talked about the teachers and infrastructure
2:36 am
jobs. does that do it for folks? >>guest: these are things we have heard before. the main message was a vision of what the next four years would look like and by giving us those kind numbers, it gives us some kind of barometer of sorts, but, both campaigns lacks specifics, i would say. we will see, again, the jobs numbers come out and we can use that as a wraps of how things are really going and how voters might feel about the plans and whether they do, in fact, trust the president to carry through the next term. >>heather: real clear politics has the national average putting president obama and mitt romney in a dead heat. give us your post convection prediction. who comes out of this ahead? >>guest: well, i think the obama campaign went second so they have that kind of energy coming out, but, again, if the jobs numbers today are the same
2:37 am
as we have seen before, i think that will give republicans another set to go after. the obama campaign will say that no matter what, we have created jobs and there is some kind of growth there but it depends on the report. >>heather: thank you so much. there you go it is all about jobs. >>heather: and the economy. the report coming out at 8:30. the top five stories making news at this home including the democratic national convention introduced him as a former worker and a company employed by bain capital telling a story about a steel company. i had to stand in front of hundreds of steelworkers in their 50's and 60's, retirees and widows in their 70's and 80's and tell them, romney and bain had broken their promises.
2:38 am
>> just one big problem, he actually never worked for the company. he worked for the united steelworkers of america as a union agoer. he did identify himself as an organizer in his dealings with the company but it was never stated that he never worked for bain company. >> new report revealing our health care system wastes $750 billion each year about 30 cents on every single health care dollar. the institute of medicine, an independent group, blaming this on unnecessary services, fraud, inefficient care, and inflated prices. >> an exam aimed at helping to find breast cancer but a new study finds that mammograms may actually raise the risk of it in young women. researchers found that women exposed to chest radiation in their 20's had 43 percent increase risk of disease they
2:39 am
had genes that put them at ahere risk, though, and the study finds mri's could be safer message of screening women under 30 years old. >> prayers are no longer allowed before football games at a high school in georgia, stopping the prayer that has been happening for 15 years because an atheist group says it is unconstitutional and they threatened to sue. >> it is a slow chipping away. all our freedoms are being chipped away. >> rare never hurt anyone. if you don't want to pray don't bow. >> local shop made t-shirts like this, 3 the people expected to pray in unity tonight at the first home game of the season. >> good story, the chargers will honor late football great at their home opener with his marry, ex-wife and four children
2:40 am
will attend. the team is expected to retire his number and have junior's number on each player's helmet. he played for 12 years for the chargers and committed suicide in may. >> speaking of football, a lot of folks are watching it this weekend and we will have good football weather. janice dean, good morning. >> lost folks will feel a nice cold front moving through the region. now, we will talk tropics because it is popping. we are reaching the height of the season and we have a couple of orange blobs we are watching, this is hurricane michael, not going to affect land, and, hurricane leslie, earlier this week we thought it could affect bermuda but now it is looking like it will move east of bermuda which is excellent news and it will give us rip currents and high surf on the east coast. and this could be an extra tropical system later this week. a quick look at radar, cold
2:41 am
front moving through the midwest will drop temperatures ten degrees to 20 degrees so a taste of fall headed into the weekend. >>heather: thank you, janice dean. >> now, it is time to look at a re-cap of the mtv's awards. >> the video music awards are a smashing fund time. let's look. ♪ i'll never, ever ♪ go back to you >> new single "we are never, ever, getting back together. in the end, a british boy band stole the show. ♪ get out, get out they won best video, best new
2:42 am
artist and was hosted by a comic, kevin hart and the goldwining gymnastic team was this. >>heather: love that song. love it. like it a lot. >> so, another marriage, a nine year marriage ending in divorce, sad news. >> shocker. after nine years of marriage, hilarious hollywood couple that everyone likes is throwing in the towel which is said to be friendly, arnett and poehler have two children together. >>heather: the couple that laughs together stays together but not in that case. >> another favorite, a neck injury. >> it is fashion week in new york but one accessory you do not want is the neck brace, with kristen making a splash at the
2:43 am
cat walk show. she was hut by lighting, with the final appearance on "good wife," is season four premiering next month. >>heather: she can make it look factionable. >> and you sat down with kelsy? i $he won three golden globes and five emmys and the latest venture has hip dipping into politics, playing chicago marion a hit show "boss," on stars network and he stepped in to talk about the start of the second season. let's lock. >> the show had a different tone this year because it dodged into the disease more. he has dementia characterizeed by hallucinations.
2:44 am
>> you based the character off of king lear? >> yes, the whole thing was based on king lear. he betrayed his own daughter. that was king lear. >> kind of like the beard. you can watch 9 entire interview at and check me out on twitter. i tweeted you last night. >> you did, you did. thank you very much. >> that is it for this "fox light." coming up, hang up or break up. why cell phones could be the death to your relationship. i do believe that. >> getting squeezed, the suspect making it easy for cops after he tried to escape. bob...
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>>heather: welcome back, drew peterson faces the possibility of life behind bars after being found guilty of killing his third wife. steve brown has the full story to illinois. >> drew peterson was found guilty of murdering his third wife. the 58-year-old former police officer could spend life behind bars, bringing justice and sense of closure to the savio family. >> it is bittersr have my sister again. i have to see her at the cemetery but i know she got justice and a cold blooded killer is found guilty. >> the defense team reacted. >> drew peterson says if his kids are well, whatever happens he is okay. >> there was a discovery in 2004 when a neighbor found her body
2:49 am
face down in her empty bathtub. the black hair covered in blood, and her head showing a 2" gash. this was deemed "accidental," but after his fourth wife went missing in 2010 eyebrows were raised and her death was later ruled a homicide. >> she got her justice today. >> for the lack hard evidence, this evidence was built from testimony from two women, one a pregnant of her. >> the hearsay was the tipping point because whether you believed it was a homicide you still did not know if drew peterson did it. >> the defense team promised an appeal almost immediately. peterson's defense team will have to get ready for sentencing in lake november for -- where the defendant could face 60 years. >>heather: a disgruntled ex-girlfriend going to extremes here to get back at her boyfriend.
2:50 am
this ended with a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing. >> we will tell you about that. >> your last chance to answer our question of the day. the did the president make his case for four more years in we will have your e-mails up next. but, now, we will check in to see what is coming up on "fox & friends" down in charlotte. maybe this is the nascar hall of fame? >> looking at the massacre hall of fame, and we will drive this gamous car. coming up next on ""fox & friends" we will review the speech and find out about the people locked out of the convention center and those that heard it at home and those that saw it in the arena. we will talk to chuck norris and hopefully he will talk about his thoughts on that as we close out ""fox & friends" today. stidiousn emily skinner,
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each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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>> >>heather: and now a look at headlines. a study finds when you are not using your cell phone it can come between you and your relationship. researchers found that when pairs of strangers have conversation, if a phone is in eyesight the two felt legislation of a connection. wanted by police for leading them on a high suspect chase, look at this give, a suspect gets caught but not by cops. he managed to outrun police cars and he tried to get away open foot by climbing on to the roof of a mall but he fell 10' off of it and was wedged between two buildings. he had to call police for help getting him out. >> early in the show we asked you to brew on this, at the
2:55 am
democratic national convention. did president obama make his case for four more years? carol from new jersey e-mailed us that if i were give him a grade it would be a forest -- a for effort and f for contact. another said "obama hasn't made the case," since making office. he failed and now we need new leadership. and obama sounded confident with no specifics on how he will fix the economy. i can only expect four more years of failure. thanks to everyone who respond asked keep your comments coming. the time is 55 minutes after the top of the hour. and now, did kenny loggins have an invite? part of go, the bad and ugly. can you figure out our word of the yourer? stick around for the answer ahead.
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>> good morning, it is time for the the good, the bad and the ugly. instead of cutting the cake. foot loose with kenny loggins. ♪ ♪ loggins said to be a friend of the bride's dad and that performance was not planned. a man pulled off of a plane in california was part of a hoax by the exgirlfriend. cops had a call that the 29 year old man had explosives on board with him. they found he did not. the exwas taken into custody. and the ugly. a guy took his girlfriend out in a cano and write a message in a bottle. but high winds pushing them miles out in the lake and they


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